Bedroom Facelift | Toronto Natural Light Photographer

I'm nesting... Really nesting these days... With only six weeks until baby #4 is due to arrive, I've been trying, with my very limited energy to get everything ready! One thing that has bothered me since we moved into this house two years ago was my disorganized closet... A few weeks ago my dad helped me spruce up my closet... And from there, we needed something to organize our shoes in (See the 10th picture... Those are white shoe storage cupboards from Ikea)! From there, things just spiraled! I've always wanted a drawer in my side table, so off we went (again) to Ikea for some new side tables! Target, which just arrived in Canada a few months ago, was great for rounding up the new bedding, pillows, flowers and the wonderful lamp (Jay's favourite thing in the room)! The curtains are also from Target and keep our room nice and dark!

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